Does CBD Work Against Inflammation?

Does CBD Work Against Inflammation?

Published by Kalpana Jaggi on May 1st 2020

We’ve all heard the term “inflammation.” Many of us have even taken anti-inflammatory drugs at some point in our life. Over the past decade, new research has been released that strongly indicates that CBD, a type of chemical derived from cannabis, can be effective at treating problematic inflammation in the body. So what exactly is inflammation, and how does CBD work to treat it?

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is part of our body’s natural immune system response. Think about when you get stung by a bee or hit your head; redness and swelling occur around the area to protect and heal the wound. When functioning properly, inflammation is an important part of a healthy body and its ability to heal.

Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic inflammation, which is often very painful and can cause health complications. Chronic inflammation has statistical links to a number of serious health conditions like heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Many people with chronic inflammation are prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAIDs and steroids. However, these drugs often come with a number of side effects or can’t be taken long-term.

For decades, sufferers of chronic inflammation have searched for alternatives to anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs. Many have tried anti-inflammatory diets or a variety of supplements to address their condition. As research progresses, we are finding that CBD may provide a hopeful alternative for these patients.

Does CBD Work Against Inflammation?

Laboratory tests on mice have found CBD to be effective at treating or preventing inflammation-related disorders such as Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a type of inflammatory autoimmune disease which attacks the pancreas. Studies were also done on the ability of CBD to treat multiple sclerosis in mice. The study found that CBD treatment improved motor deficits in mice with the condition.

These positive results led to human clinical trials on CBD and inflammation in the past several years. A 2017 study found that, while CBD was very safe, most human subjects did not find the given dose of CBD effective at treating their inflammation. There are still significant gaps in our understanding of CBD as a medicine, such as effective dosage for humans and how CBD interacts with other cannabinoids, that might explain this result. However, anecdotal evidence describes many patients who use CBD to manage their inflammation.

Currently CBD is sold as a supplement and not a medication in the US, although this may change in the future as research and laws develop. Other research into CBD focuses on conditions like chronic pain and insomnia. Most doctors agree that CBD is safe for patients to try as a supplement, and to adjust their dosage as needed to treat their condition. However, if you experience any side effects such as chronic fatigue or nausea, you should stop taking CBD.

It's also important to be aware of the quality of CBD you are using as a supplement. Since CBD became legal in 2018, thousands of companies have popped up selling products that claim to contain CBD. However, research has found that many of these products are fake when tested. Keep an eye out for suspiciously low prices, over the top health claims, and loud, gimmicky labeling.

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