Essential Oils - CBD’s New Best Friend

Essential Oils - CBD’s New Best Friend

Published by Kalpana Jaggi on Feb 10th 2020

Essential Oils - CBD’s New Best Friend

Kalpana NYC has a new little product that has cropped up in our shop recently: CBD oil drops. You know we’re all about about plants and aromatherapy, so when we learned about CBD, we knew we had to jump on the bandwagon and promote it to our customers.

CBD is famous for its connection to its source plant, cannabis. Cannabis, of course, is famous for its illegality. So what is the connection between cannabis-derived oil and essential oils? The answer is smell, and it’s the basis for the field of aromatherapy.

If you’ve ever smoked cannabis, or been around someone that has, you’ll be familiar with its pungent scent. Hemp - the type of non-psychoactive cannabis from which CBD is usually extracted - is no different. The unique scent of cannabis and hemp comes in large part from its essential oil. Like many other plants cannabis essential oil contains a complex mixture of chemical components.

The Power of Scent

Because we’re aromatherapy nerds here at Kalpana, here’s some cool facts on smell.

Terpenoids are a type of molecule produced by plants. Many terpenoids have a unique scent and it’s this combination which gives many plants - and their essential oils - their scent. Certain terpenoids crop up over and over in aromatic plants, including cannabis and many of the most popular essential oil plants:

Linalool - found in ylang ylang, jasmine, lavender, cannabis/hemp - analgesic, anxiolytic, sedative, anti-inflammatory

Beta-caryophyllene - found in ylang ylang, rosemary, cannabis/hemp - analgesic, anxiolytic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial

Limonene - orange, nutmeg, rosemary, cannabis/hemp - anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic

Myrcene - orange, nutmeg, cannabis/hemp - analgesic, sedative

Alpha-pinene - orange, nutmeg, rosemary, lavender, cannabis/hemp - anti-inflammatory, increases alertness

While the primary effects of hemp and cannabis come from CBD and other cannabinoids interacting with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, many terpenoids are known to possess activity of their own.

The Full Benefits of the Cannabis Plant

Have you heard of the “entourage effect”? Cannabis consumers have been talking about it for a long time. The basic idea is that the hundreds of other compounds in cannabis - including terpenoids - work in harmony with the more familiar chemicals THC and CBD to produce the full range of effects on the body.

Taking THC, cannabis’ main psychoactive chemical, out of the equation means you won’t get high by supplementing with CBD. It doesn’t eliminate the importance of the entourage effect, however. CBD and any other non-psychoactive cannabinoids still work in synergy, just without getting you high.

Boosting CBD with Essential Oils

We’ve still got a lot to learn about precisely how various terpenoids interact with CBD. We do know that these smell-producing chemicals will work together and affect each other. If you want to try using CBD and essential oils together, here are some suggestions for the best boosting effects:

Orange or rosemary oil, to improve alertness and memory if CBD makes you drowsy

Lavender or ylang ylang oil, to boost the relaxing properties of CBD

Nutmeg or orange oil, to enhance CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect

People respond differently, so it might take a little experimentation to get the effect you’re looking for. Make sure to exercise extreme caution about taking essential oils internally if you’re using CBD, and even more so if you’re taking medication. If you have any doubt at all, stick to the diffuser. These chemicals work through scent, so they can still boost the effects of CBD this way.

We’ve got everything you need to try CBD oil and a variety of essential oils. Check out our online shop to find out more!

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