Adding Essential Oils Into a Women's Wellness Routine

Adding Essential Oils Into a Women's Wellness Routine

Published by Kalpana Jaggi on Oct 23rd 2019

A Well-Rounded Approach to Health is Key to Success

If you’ve read anything about holistic health before, you already know that a proactive approach to maintaining health is essential to long life and happiness. We can’t just wait to get sick, then ask a doctor to fix us with medication; we have to stay healthy in the first place! Maintaining a health and wellness routine is especially important for women, as we are so often affected by hormonal cycles and other stresses.

Incorporating essential oils into your wellness routine can give you some amazing benefits! A “wellness routine” is a set of things you do every day to maintain your health and mental wellbeing. Maybe you already have a personal routine and, if not, our tips can help you get started.

Essential Oils for All-Round Health and Wellbeing

Many women recommend starting your routine as soon as you wake up, as this can set the tone for your whole day. Some good examples of things to do after first waking up are: drink a full glass of water (hot or cold) with lemon or orange, stretch, meditate, sit outside in the sunshine, or read something inspiring.

Essential oils can help make your waking routine even better! Citrus is your friend in the morning if you want an energy boost. Try lemon, orange, bergamot or rosemary essential oil in your diffuser or inhaled from a cotton ball. Citrus has the ability to boost your serotonin, which can help mitigate depression, boost your mood, and up your energy levels. Rosemary is a great addition for its neuroprotective qualities and can also help with your daily mental functioning by increasing blood flow to the brain.

After you’ve been awake for a few minutes, skin care is a great next step in a healthy morning routine. Try a green tea face mask for a great boost of antioxidants and an energy shot to the skin. If you are in a rush, a few sprays of rose water on your face will help rebalance the skin’s pH and reduce redness and inflammation in seconds.

After your morning is over, carry your healthy attitude into the rest of the day by working and exercising at the same time each day, eating the same healthy meals, and making a little time every day for things you enjoy and people you love.

When it’s time to wind down in the evening, it’s a great time to break out the essential oils again. Lavender is a go-to solution to help you calm down and get a great night’s sleep. Lavender essential oil can go in your bedside diffuser, you can put a few drops on your pillow, inhale the oil from a cotton ball, or dilute it with a small amount of carrier oil to dabbed on your temples and wrists.

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