Essential Oils for a Healthy Home During Quarantine

Essential Oils for a Healthy Home During Quarantine

Published by Kalpana Jaggi on Mar 16th 2020

Disclaimer: We at Kalpana care greatly about the public health during this time of crisis. Despite current consumer trends, no essential oils are rated as effective for killing the COVID-19 virus. Always follow advice from public health officials including frequent hand washing, disinfecting household surfaces and social distancing.

Home is the New Reality

The world has changed a lot in the past week. With the populations of entire countries bunkering down in their homes, many of us are asking ourselves how we can make the space around us healthy and harmonious for ourselves and our families. Keeping our homes germ-free is clearly top priority right now, with keeping our air fresh and energy calm next on the agenda.

Many people are seeing the global coronavirus pandemic as a reminder of human fragility and our ties to nature. While nature is a formidable opponent, she gives us as much as she takes away. The power of plants is something we at Kalpana have always held dear, which is why we are looking to the simple tools of nature to help us in this time of hardship.

Problems and Solutions

One problem many families may be dealing with right now is shortages of household products, particularly cleaning products and paper goods. Many people are already getting creative with DIY replacements for common products and sharing their inventions online.

Experts say that bleach-based commercial cleaners are the most effective against the virus, but most store stocks are currently empty. If you want to make an alternative all-purpose cleaning spray, we have a few tips:

  • Never put non-distilled water in your spray mixture as it can grow bacteria
  • Use 70%+ isopropyl alcohol to disinfect and disperse oils properly (In a pinch, look for 140+ proof drinkable alcohol, or if you have nothing else white cleaning vinegar)
  • Add ½ teaspoon hydrogen peroxide to increase effectiveness
  • Add 15-30 drops of your choice of essential oil. Good choices are orange, lemon, lavender, tea tree* or eucalyptus

*Do not use or diffuse tea tree oil around cats and dogs

More people at home also means lower air quality indoors. Opening windows for regular ventilation, growing houseplants for additional air filtration and using an essential oils diffuser are great ways to improve home air quality. Some essential oils such as cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus and tea tree have natural anti-viral properties (see disclaimer). If you want to run antiviral essential oils in your home diffuser, the best way to do so is in an empty room with the door closed. Open the door and windows to air out the room before re-entering to avoid respiratory sensitivities.

Apart from tangible health risks, another challenge of the global quarantine is the risk of anxiety, low energy and low mood. Essential oils are your friend in this respect. Taking time to do nice things for yourself, such as have a peaceful aromatherapy moment, as more important than ever. Our top choices for mood boosting oils are lavender for anxiety and better sleep and orange for energy or fighting depression.

Our blog gives advice on lots of other great ways you can incorporate aromatherapy into your life to work towards your ideal health and happiness. We encourage everyone to be extra kind and caring to ourselves and one another during this time. If you have any further questions, we’d be happy to answer them. Just get in contact with us!

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