Kalpana NYC 7 Chakras Gift Box

Kalpana NYC 7 Chakras Gift Box

Published by Kalpana Jaggi on Dec 31st 2019

Kalpana NYC was born out of a deep love for plants and our amazing Earth. We have travelled to the furthest corners and truly believe in the Earth’s power to heal us through plants. When we produce essential oils, we aim to harness the “essence” or “spirit” of the plants from which they are derived.

Our Kalpana NYC 7 Chakras Gift Box set is our most ambitious project to date. We have researched and drawn from Yogic traditions and Ayurveda to create a set of 7 therapeutic grade essential oil blends to help you connect with your 7 Chakras for total-body connection and healing.

The term “Chakra” was first mentioned in the Hindu Vedas as early as the 1st millennium BCE. Medieval texts from Vajrayana Buddhism are the first to discuss Chakras as a series of energy points in the body.

These ancient Eastern traditions were based off the theory that human beings existed in two parallel dimensions. Our physical body on Earth controlled our health, physical needs, and base drives; while our subtle body existed in a non-physical world and controlled our psychology, intuition, spirituality and any other non-physical part of ourselves.

These traditions are not dissimilar to Western religions’ belief in a non-physical spirit. The idea of the subtle body became the basis of many yogic traditions followed around the world today. Yoga texts from the 20th Century onwards have described the body as having 7 Chakras.

The red Root Chakra symbolizes our spiritual connection to the Earth and controls base drives like fear and hunger.

The 2nd Sacral Chakra, symbolized by the color orange and associated with Monday, exists around your reproductive organs and controls reproduction and taste.

The yellow Solar-Plexus Chakra lives near your navel and is associated with fire, willpower and Tuesday. This Chakra controls digestion and metabolism; not just of food, but also of thoughts and emotions.

The green Heart Chakra is described as a “tiny flame inside the heart.” This Chakra is believed to control love and compassion, charity to others, and psychic healing.

The blue Throat Chakra controls discernment and is associated with creativity, self-expression and Thursday. It is believed that the health of this Chakra is vitally important to our life’s success.

Our purple, Third-Eye Chakra is associated with Friday and controls intuition and intellect. This is considered to be a part of the brain that we know as our “mind’s eye” and the eye through which we see our dreams.

Our Lavender Crown Chakra is our spiritual center, the most “subtle” of our Chakras, and controls our “pure consciousness.”

Each of our 7 Chakra essential oil blends are inspired by an energetic center in the body. Use as a meditation aid, a daily or weekly aromatherapy routine, or simply apply to the skin directly above the Chakra center to help connect to your subtle body.

For more information about the 7 Chakras Gift Box including ingredients and allergy information, visit our shop at or feel free to contact us with any questions at 917-922-1319.

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