Kalpana NYC - Commitment To Our Incredible Planet | Ecosystem Restoration

Kalpana NYC - Commitment To Our Incredible Planet | Ecosystem Restoration

Published by Kalpana Jaggi on Feb 6th 2023

Climate change is the biggest existential threat we face in the next century. Many people already know this; which is why we’re heading into a more climate-friendly future than ever before. The coming decades will bring electric cars and solar power, plant-covered skyscrapers and integrative living. People of today truly care about saving our planet, which is why many individuals and companies are already taking steps to contribute to our green future.

Now it’s our turn.

KalpanaNYC has been passionate about the natural world since our inception. We celebrate the power of plants through holistic healing, plant-based everyday products and all-natural self care. As part of Kalpana NYC’s commitment to our incredible planet, we have become proud partners with One Tree Planted. Proceeds from every Kalpana NYC product sold online will now go towards One Tree Planted’s ecosystem restoration efforts!

By the way, do you know how cool trees are?

The Great Banyan Tree, for example, that puts out vertical roots to create an entire forest from one tree, or 3000-year-old Sequoias the height of 26-story buildings. There are rainbow trees, whistling trees, and many trees sacred to cultures all around the world. Trees are also responsible for producing a third of the Earth’s oxygen and providing homes and ecosystems to countless species. Without extensive and diverse forests and rainforests, the Earth as we know it couldn’t go on.

Unfortunately, our forests are also under threat. Every year, about 8 million hectares or 31,000 square miles of forests are cut down— that’s approximately one North Carolina or one Czech Republic of trees lost every year. Most deforestation happens as a result of clearing land for animal farming, with mining, infrastructure, and urban expansion as the next biggest drivers. So eating less meat and using fewer animal products whenever possible is one way we can all contribute to ecosystem restoration.

Not only do we lose fresh oxygen when trees are cut down, but when forests are cleared, they put out carbon dioxide. This is why deforestation results in 11% of all global CO2 emissions. That’s about the same as all the cars and trucks on Earth! If people and governments don’t step in to reduce deforestation, the problem could get a lot worse. Global demand for food is expected to double by 2050, which means that developing sustainable farming systems will be a priority going into the future.

Through Kalpana NYC’s partnership with One Tree Planted, we hope to support global reforestation efforts and help to mitigate the effects of climate change. We also want to empower you, our customers, to be part of the green movement through conscious consumer choices. With enough momentum, environmental protection can spread beyond individuals and companies to entire industries, and then the world!

If you’d like to learn more about One Tree Planted and their work, visit their website. Or, learn how to get involved with their organization here. For more info and tips on everyday plant-based and sustainable living, check out Kalpana NYC’s blog or check out all-natural products on our online shop.