Kalpana NYC’s Aromatic Hemp Teas

Kalpana NYC’s Aromatic Hemp Teas

Published by Kalpana Jaggi on Jan 10th 2023

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve probably already heard about CBD; a versatile supplement derived from hemp. Hemp is a non-psychoactive cousin of cannabis which was previously outlawed in the US and Europe. However, changes in legal restrictions on the hemp plant have made CBD a popular health product in recent years. CBD is often found in tincture or oil forms, but can actually be made into various products including cosmetics, concentrated powders, capsules, infused foods, vape cartridges and teas.

History of Hemp Tea

Kalpana is excited to be adding CBD tea to our shelves! Hemp tea has been part of traditional eastern medicine systems for thousands of years, and today CBD consumers are rediscovering the benefits of this practice. Traditional hemp tea doesn’t include any leaves from the tea plant, but is instead made entirely of dried hemp leaves. Modern hemp tea, however, is often made from green or black tea leaves infused with CBD oil, which results in a more convenient product with an easy brewing process.

CBD is fat soluble; meaning you must have some fat present when using it in food or drink in order for the active ingredients to be bioavailable. Bhang, a traditional Indian hemp or cannabis tea, is mixed with milk and filtered. Ancient Indian traditions also ground hemp or cannabis with ghee to be used in food. Even today, many commercially available CBD teas must be brewed with some type of milk in order to activate the CBD.

Modern hemp products also benefit from our increased understanding of hemp genetics and lab testing. Unlike in the past, we can reliably grow hemp plants that produce an effective amount of CBD while ensuring there is no psychoactive THC present.

Kalpana NYC’s Aromatic Hemp Teas

Kalpana NYC’s new line of hemp tea uses modern technology to infuse CBD oil directly onto tea leaves or herbal blends, avoiding the need for additional fat when brewing.

Researchers are always learning more about how the hemp plant affects us. One thing that seems clear is that smell-producing chemicals, called terpenes, are important to how hemp affects our body. This means that utilizing aromatherapy in the creation of CBD products can fine-tune their effects. We love aromatherapy at Kalpana, so it’s no surprise that we formulated our 3 loose-leaf hemp tea flavors with powerful aromatic herbs.

Our Garden Blend Daily Detox herbal infusion includes holy basil, spearmint, rosehip, lemongrass and linden blossom. Our best formula for pain management, the Joint Therapy blend, contains ginger, turmeric, green tea, pineapple, bilberry leaf and lemon myrtle. For a milder option, our caffeine-free Calming Chamomile blend includes chamomile, Australian lemongrass, spearmint and lavender for ultimate stress relief.

You may have already read about the benefits of herbs like mint and lavender on our blog, where we often encourage our customers to create a multi-sensory experience. Creating an aromatherapy ritual using complimentary scents while drinking your tea can make it even more rewarding.

If you are ready to try out CBD tea for yourself, head to our online shop, or contact us with any questions.