Stress is a Good Thing; Maybe We Got It All Wrong?

Stress is a Good Thing; Maybe We Got It All Wrong?

Published by Kalpana Jaggi on Dec 17th 2019

Many of the studies showing the benefits of essential oils that focus on managing stress. We generally think of stress as a bad thing, but the truth is that the picture isn’t so clear. In fact, we know that stress actually comes with a number of benefits.

If you feel stressed alone on the subway at night with a stranger, it’s your body’s way of keeping you safe and preparing you for action in case something happens. Similarly, when an athlete feels stressed before the big game it can help drive them to give their best performance. But what exactly is stress?

What is stress?

Stress is a physiological and psychological response to stressful events, such as threats or challenges. In practice, this could mean anything from getting cut off while driving, marital problems, or difficulties at work. Stress can even be enjoyable and rewarding - the uncomfortable sensation we get when we’re learning a new skill is another expression of stress.

In short, stress is associated with pushing past our comfort zone, and that’s a good thing! However, stress is cumulative. Even beneficial stress puts a physical and mental strain on our bodies, and when our ability to cope is exceeded, that’s when problems start: headaches, tension, mental illness; even heart attack and stroke.

The key is to achieve a balance. If you find yourself a little too comfortable in life, it might be time to push your boundaries and expose yourself to some controlled stress. Work a little harder to get that promotion, pick up the guitar which has been gathering dust in the corner, or go to that meetup you’ve been anxious about. And, when you start to feel stressed and uncomfortable, acknowledge and welcome your stress, remembering that it’s nothing more than a side effect of your personal growth.

However, if you’re experiencing excessive levels of stress which are making it difficult to function or impacting your health, it might be time to ease off or find ways of managing it. Things like essential oils can help. However, prolonged and severe stress is a strong indicator that you need to change something drastic in your life. Taking time to really examine your life, perhaps with the aid of a therapist or meditation, is likely to reveal the answers.

Is Stress Good or Bad?

Stress pushes us to improve and warns us when something’s not right. When it’s well managed and appropriate, stress can be a powerful ally in our education, career, hobbies, and personal lives. Left to run amok, it can ruin them. In short, when it comes to stress, we should be aiming for not much, nor too little, but just the right amount.

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