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Kalpana NYC is a fine retailer of botanical extracts, essential oils and skincare
products. Our products are all eco-friendly, carefully researched and selected, and
artfully produced based on our travel experiences and knowledge of global holistic
Kalpana is dedicated to protecting and preserving beautiful plants around the world
so that they may heal future generations. We take inspiration from both ancient
and modern natural medicinal practices when we create our products.
Our Botanical Extracts Gift box includes 7, 8 ml roller-ball attars of organic, non-
alcoholic, Arabian Jasmine (Jasminium Sambac) Rose, Aloewood (Genus
Aquilaria), Tuberose (Polianthes Tuberosa), night-blooming Jasmine (Cestrum
Nocturnum), Agarwood (Agarwood-citrus), and Lavender (Lavandula).
Attars are created through traditional steam extraction of various plants to create
pure and beautifully fragrant botanical extracts. This method of creating pure
botanical extracts was first introduced by physicians in Ancient Persia and, besides
technological improvements, remains largely unchanged today.
For our Kalpana botanical Extracts Gift box, we selected plant extracts that have
long history of being used in global medicinal practices in order to bring the best
set of benefits to our customers. For Example, the soft floral scent of the delicate
Jasmine flower is known for its uplifting and even Europhobic qualities. Apart
from it heavenly fragrance, Rose has long been used to ease pain and discomfort,
decrease anxiety and stress and improve mood.
Agarwood, a dark wood from valuable Thai tree, has been said to ease muscles and
support healthy digestion. The intoxicatingly fragrant Tuberose flower is used in
aromatherapy to relax muscles, ease stress, and promote energy. Lavender extract
has been used for thousands of years as the quintessential relaxations and sleep aid.
By selecting our Kalpana botanical Extracts Gift box, you have everything you
need to pamper yourself with indulgent multisensory experiences, and also a great
starter set to use aromatherapy to improve your life! Our set of seven roller-ball
fragrances makes a perfect aromatherapy routing to use throughout the day or
week, or as needed to promote health, relaxation, energy and healthy sleep.
Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times, and is still wildly popular around
the world today. Aromatherapy is a perfect way to improve your health and well
being that can be completely tailored to fit your lifestyle.
Use Aromatherapy as a part of your regular routine. Alternatively, use them on
special occasions to activate your powerful sense of smell when you step into a

date-night or office power outfit. Essential oils also create a wonderful
multisensory experience when used as a meditation aid or boost your yoga
practice. The possibilities to add them into your personal lifestyle are truly
Please be aware that our rollerball is set of external use only. Keep away from pets
and children as some essential oils can be toxic if consumed. For help or question,
please call 917-922-119 or visit our shop at

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