Pure Wormwood - Essential Oil

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The essential oil of wormwood is mostly extracted from the leaves, twigs and flowering tops of the herbaceous and aromatic shrub botanically known as Artemisia absinthium, through a steam distillation process.

When used properly, you can surely reap the benefits of wormwood essential oil and combat many diseases and illnesses with this essential oil! Its sharp, woody and herbaceous aroma that is akin to chamomile blue infusion and its bluish-green mixture is one that you can invest in to reap benefits

As it is an emmenagogue, wormwood essential oil can help to facilitate unobstructed menstrual flow and induces menstrual discharge. This is extremely beneficial as it can prevent various diseases and problems from occurring such as uterine tumors and even cancer.

Wormwood essential oil can drastically improve the digestive system and keep problems associated with digestion at bay. Being a cholagogue and digestive, this oil greatly helps to strengthen the digestive processes and ensure its smooth functioning within the body.

The essential oil of wormwood actually helps to kill off a variety of bacteria as it contains antimicrobial and antifungal constituents

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